Laser Talk

Introduction To Rotaries

On the chart you can see how wide the jaws open on different models. Rotary jaws can be put in either way as in the image.

If you are looking for a great all-around rotary – then go for the D125. This is the preferred size to hold tumblers.

As of now we don’t sell rotaries separately. Choose your rotary in the laser marking machine product page.

D80 rotary for a laser marking machine and a D125 for a laser engraving machine.

Ring Rotary D69 comes with a bag of different size and shape pieces for holding rings and jewelry. This rotary uses springs to apply force so releasing is quick. Spring tension direction can be quickly reversed so the ring can be held from either inside or outside.

ring rotary which comes with a bag of different sized plugs
D80 rotary on top of a larger work plate with the regular sized work plate on the right

300 x 300 mm working area base plate is the standard offered by all laser machine suppliers.

We offer a 400 x 400 mm base plate which can be useful when you want to position the rotary more to the side so you have room for the object right under your galvo head.